Ag WAX 33mg

Famous car detailing manufacturer in Scotland【ANGEL WAX】
High-end brand made of natural compounds and rare materials.
ANGEL WAX, a popular global brand is finally available in Japan.
AG is specially designed for silver car paint.
Light scratches can be cured with this wax.

~〇Keep the surface dry.

〇Using the MACRON, apply proper quantity onto bodywork.

〇Apply it in a circular motion gently.

〇Work small areas, a panel or half a panel at a time because it takes only five minutes to dry. If you can’t complete on time, you may have to remove with a polisher.

〇Wait five minutes and wipe off gently with a microfiber cloth.

〇After all the process, use ANGEL WAX Enigma QED for maintenance.

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Ag WAX 33mg