Super KAMIKAZE 3 50ml

We received numerous inquiries prior to selling on SUPER KAMIKAZE 3.
SUPER KAMIKAZE 3 is the choice for you if you simply want to make your car shine beautifully.
This is the commercial version of the SPASHAN pro use coating for show-cars.
After applying this product on the car with especially dark colours, it will shine and reflect the landscape like a mirror.
It is so dedicated that it has been tested 150 times or more in every country within a year.

Not just that it is more glossy than the previous model, but also better water repellent.

Also, workability has improved and you can apply on 20 to 30 cars with only one of this.
Sponge Macaron and Micro Velour included.
Daily maintenance can be done with SPASHAN2019 and CANDY SHOWER!!

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